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Painlessly add a personalized recipe shopping experience directly onto any eCommerce in as little as four weeks. Grocery Shopii elevates your Recipes tab with a hyper-personalized meal planning experience fueled by machine learning that catapults checkouts while boosting cart value by at least 9%! Those same shoppers will return to your site 4X more often. 


Your shoppers will access a fresh stream of recipes from the hottest food brands and food bloggers that can be added to their shopping cart in a single click, creating intense stickiness and preference for your site. 


Grocery Shopii is dedicated to supporting local grocers and their mission to gain marketshare in today's highly competitive environment.  Complete the form to learn more.

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About Grocery Shopii

Grocery Shopii is the industry leader in creating larger baskets and more engaged online shoppers with fresh recipe content. Our proprietary retailer-branded recipe platform, fueled by machine-learning, adds a personalized recipe shopping experience to a grocer's site, boosting revenues and strengthening shopper loyalty.

We are proud to support independent grocers with technology that accelerates digital sales.  
Grocery Shopii is a proud partner of NGA and CFIC.