Add Digital Meal Planning to Your Grocers eCommerce. Learn How.

Remove friction in the "first mile"

Our research identified meal planning as the critical step that drives successful online grocery outcomes. By adding digital meal planning directly into a grocer’s current eCommerce platform, the Grocery Shopii application creates a fast, efficient shopping journey in that precious “first mile” when cart abandonment is the highest.

Personalization is the key to differentiation

Our application was designed by busy parents and reflects their exact needs, allowing for customization of their recipe feed like cook time, number of ingredients, and 17 different points of dietary criteria including paleo, gluten free and dairy free. We stream fresh recipes weekly from top bloggers and food brands, removing the need for shoppers to search the internet for dinner inspiration. Our personalization capabilities will intensify customer loyalty, retain your new shoppers, and differentiate yourselves from competing grocers.

Expedite the shopping journey

Digital grocery shopping is a highly inefficient, hunt-and-peck process. Using recipes, our application auto-populates carts with ingredients from the exact store that will source those groceries, moving shoppers through meal planning and online grocery shopping in 5 minutes or less. We can even prioritize the cart-fill with private label.

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