October 12, 2020
US –  Predictive analytics has exploded on the scene in grocery retail, with Amazon delivering a master class on the power of predictive technology that motivates shoppers to buy more product more often when the suggestive pairings are done for them. Shoppers adore automated suggestions for this reason, as they support the chaos of our busy lives by simplifying redundant responsibilities and reminding us when we’ve forgotten something.  


RIS News

June 19, 2020
US –  Grocery Shopii founder and CEO, Katie Hotze, named to elite Top Women in Grocery Tech list.  

RIS breaks out 10 Top Women in Grocery Technology from the list of over 300 excutives and rising stars selected as Top Women in Grocery. These women are making use of today’s cutting-edge retail tech to drive the industry forward. 

Progressive Grocer

April 16, 2020
US –  Winning the Digital Battle for Dinner by Katie Hotze, CEO, Grocery Shopii

As online competition for shopper loyalty heats up, easing the customer experience will be paramount for grocers looking to drive growth from this unexpected surge in digital shopping.  Here are three guidelines on how to dominate shopper retention and store loyalty for your grocer's next chapter of digital success.


SE Tech Podcast

April 3, 2020 - 
US – Listen as Katie Hotze describes the unique approach Grocery Shopii is taking to support grocers through this unprecedented digital transformation that is taking place in online grocery today.  


Charlotte Inno

March 12, 2020 - 
US –
The online grocery market in the U.S. has grown quickly in recent years, expanding from $12 billion in 2016 to $26 billion in 2018. And it has plenty of room to grow, as online orders today still represent a fraction of the $632 billion overall grocery market.  The ongoing coronavirus could also create a surge in demand for the online grocery industry.  One Charlotte startup that’s looking to capitalize on the growing market is Grocery Shopii...

American Inno

January 30, 2020 - 
US –
Meet the Winners //

The champions of all these different categories were announced in one ceremony after the big pitch. Gig Connected won $1,000 from its PitchBreakfast performance. 6AM City (quick-pitch pick) and Grocery Shopii both received the audience choice awards for $1,000 each. 


Business Journal

January 7, 2020 - 
US – These are 20 startups to watch in 2020.  If 2019 is any indication, Charlotte's tech and startup ecosystem is in for another monumental year in 2020.

Charlotte Inno

November 21, 2019 - 
US – Across the entire American Inno network of digital media publications, Inno on Fire is considered its premier awards show. It’s a celebration of companies, entrepreneurs and other entities doing particularly incredible work in their respective ecosystems, driving change for the better and improving both their communities and the world.

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The Future Laboratory

September 20, 2019 - 
US – The recipe-to-cart application helps grocery retailers energise their online offering by integrating meal planning into their existing e-commerce platform.  The concept is meant to bridge the gap between meal kit services and grocery shopping, while building shopper loyalty and helping retailers gain a competitive advantage...


September 2, 2019 - 
“I really struggled to find recipes, aggregate ingredients, figure out the best sourcing — all while at work. It was a constant drain,” says Hotze. “As a digital marketer, I just assumed that at some point there was going to be an offering that would solve this problem.”...


September 3, 2019 - 
Earlier this year, Grocery Shopii launched, joining other recipe-to-cart applications in the field, such as Chicory, Cooklist, eMeals and Myxx. The recipe platforms save consumers the burden of writing down a recipe list and searching store aisles for ingredients while promising to jumpstart online grocery’s slow growth...


Tech Wire

August 23, 2019 - 
When Katie Hotze welcomed her first child, her cooking habits changed.  While she had previously spend the better part of most Sundays planning recipes and visiting her local grocery store to stock the kitchen for the week, said Hotze, “all of my free time disappeared...

Progressive Grocer

August 14, 2019 - 

Progressive Grocer challenged retailers and solution providers to come up with winning meal solution concepts, from grab-and-go, dine-in and meal kits to cross-merchandising, shopper engagement and applications of technology. Further, we wanted to see what culinary influences grocery retailers are leveraging to delight and inspire their shoppers. What follows are some of the most creative and innovative ideas we’ve seen...


Collision Conference

May 22, 2019 - 

Grocery Shopii exhibited on the Alpha stage at Collision Conference in Toronto, which has quickly become the fastest growing tech conference in North America.  Billed as a conference for disruptors, the event nonetheless included speakers, exhibitors and sponsors from many of the worldʼs biggest tech companies...

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