How to Buy Groceries Online Without Bailing, Crying, or Screaming Profanity

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Let’s be honest - the whole process of sourcing and preparing food for your kids and husband every night is the bane of your existence. It’s like reliving Groundhog Day over and over and over again. And then, when you do everything required to serve dinner each night, your kids say something lovely and endearing like, “Tacos? Again?”. Yes, it’s taco night again. Enjoy your home-cooked meal. (Enter sarcastic smile and prepare for exaggerated eye-roll in return)

The reality is that we’re doing it all wrong, and no one has shown us how to fix what’s broken. When we need something online, we open a laptop and start typing. If my kids need a soccer ball, I type “soccer ball” and magically I have at least 10 options in front of me. Two or three clicks later and that ball might as well be halfway to my house. But grocery shopping online is different. I can’t think of exactly what I need on the spot so I throw a few random go-to items in the cart (chicken...bananas…cereal...), and then I get frustrated that I can’t think of anything to make for dinner, and finally I bail completely on the online order idea. Hours later, I’m walking aimlessly up and down the aisles with an exhausted four-year old hanging off the side of the cart, trying to think of something to make.

In those rare moments when I’m winning at life, I pull out my recipe box on a Sunday night, gather a few dinner options for the week, aggregate the ingredients on a notepad, and head to the store. This meal planning is a pre-step to grocery shopping that guarantees my shopping trip will be victorious! This week will be different in so many ways. I will breeze into the kitchen at 5:15pm each night to grab a recipe and I’ll throw it all together while I chat with my kids and the husband. I’m organized, relaxed and happy. And I’m probably sipping wine, so I’m actually nearing nirvana at this point. When dinner is over, I usually have leftovers that I pack up for work lunches for my husband and me. I’m seriously winning all over the place!

The lesson here is that meal planning changes the game. At Shopii, we’ve run over 100 customer discovery interviews in 2019 alone to deeply understand the needs of the busy parent who also is the “chief cook” of the house. I know first-hand how brutal the ownership of the cooking responsibility is on a working parent who’s also managing a household. It’s the reason we developed Shopii technology, so every grocer online can provide their customers - us ladies and dads who spend a mother-load in their grocery stores each week - with meal planning conveniences that can actually make their lives easier. We're working with grocers nationally to activate this innovative technology so you get to go back to being your awesome selves while we handle the technical stuff.

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